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MJN provides state of the art factoring/receivable financing for preferred carriers.

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Why MJN?

MJN is not an old company. Even though we have been in business 15 years, there are many companies older. We are not the biggest. Many companies are bigger. We are not necessarily the cheapest. Many factoring companies will offer you extremely low rates to get your business, even when those rates are so low that services to their customers suffer. At MJN it is all about people. We are dedicated and committed to helping you succeed. With MJN, you are never a number. Give us a call and let an MJN representative assist you. Whether you are interested in our factoring services, or just have a general business question, we will be happy to help. What goes around comes around, and at MJN we always think Win! Win!

Why Factor?

It is the American dream of many to own their own business. To build something for yourself and your children from your own talent and sweat can be a compelling desire....

Can Factoring Improve My Credit?

Yes, you can potentially improve your credit by factoring your receivables. However, factors are not lenders....

How Can I Improve My Business Image?

There is an old saying that a new car is mainly about money and a clean car is mainly about character.....

Do you know how much your freight is paying?

For most of the freight you haul, answering that question is easy. You receive a fixed amount from your customer to haul a specified amount of freight. This is called a flat rate. However, you may notice that on products like potatoes or onions, your customer may pay you by the number of bags or pounds that you haul, instead of a flat rate. This is normally referred to as a piece rate.

Health & Wellness On The Road

We all know safe driving is important, but you should also remember to take care of your health through good diet and exercise. How can you do that when you're on the road all day?

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